Over 30 years of industry experience working for you

Image Tree

"Larry's ability to drive, manage, and deliver business goes unmatched
in a high growth market that needs more people like him."

Mark Redlus, Chief Executive Officer,
ImageTree Corporation

Custom solutions improve quality and reduce costs... Every time!

Wintermoon Geotechnologies, Inc.

"Spatial Intel provided timely and highly expert advice for us on two projects in South America. Thanks to their
careful review of the contract specifications we were able to modify the instrumentation to meet our survey
accuracy requirements. Spatial Intel’s staff is not only very knowledgeable, but they are also excellent
communicators and they make sure that we understand the parameters of the survey and expected quality."

Michal Ellen Ruder, Ph.D., President, Wintermoon Geotechnologies, Inc.

All projects completed successfully and on-time since inception!

EMS Company

"The advice and expertise we glean from your company combined with quality
of service gives us a distinct advantage over others competing for the same work..."

Gary Uphoff,
President EMS Company

Effectively serving the local and International community


"Spatial Intel scoped our project, saved us money and delivered a great
product on time. Spatial Intel exceeded our expectations. A job well done!"

Greg Rainwater, P.G.,
Entact Environmental Services, LLC.

SpatialIntel offers our clients access to every available technology and service

Power Engineers

"Larry’s Company is our go-to consultant for LiDAR, aerial photography and related matters because his business is to stay
on top of the changes and to design the right programs for us. We challenged his plan on 1,800 route miles with pending
winter weather, high altitudes, a very short schedule and routing changes that occurred while his work was underway.
We experienced a seamless adjustment to these challenges and received the products as needed. That was Larry’s doing!"

Peter Catchpole, Senior Project Engineer, Power Engineers

Encompass Services, LLC

"Spatial Intel has done a bunch of work with us in the past, and is the best I've found
nationally when it comes to Aerial/Remote Sensing Technology and applications"

Seth Marsolek, Encompass Services, LLC

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What We Specialize In

Spatial Intel specializes in Aerial Imagery, LiDAR, Photogrammetric Mapping, Remote Sensing and Consulting. Continual advances in technology and a changing services industry offers significant benefits to the end user but has become increasingly more difficult to navigate to identify the best solution. Spatial Intel experts remove these obstacles by offering innovative and reliable solutions that position our clients ahead of the competition.


How We Operate

Spatial Intel operates as an extension of your organization and leverages more than 30 years of industry experience to bring clarity, options and turn-key mapping solutions that are proven and measurable in terms of quality, schedule and price. With more than 60 available aircraft strategically located throughout the US, equipped with nearly every sensor technology, enables a custom solution for every project type and location. US & International.



100% of Spatial Intel contracts (both services and consulting) have been successfully completed, resulting in a commitment by all of our clients to work with us again. Success is attributed to clear communication, applying the “right” technology effectively and experienced project oversight. Client feedback and testimonials expressing their confidence in Spatial Intel is expressed herein.



100% of our clients reported saving time on internal resources and realized improved project turn around time by contracting with Spatial Intel. (When compared to other proposals received.)



100% of our clients saved money on overall project cost by contracting with Spatial Intel. Our business strategy enables the most competitive fee and greatest value on services to be realized.