About Spatial Intel

The variety of solutions available today through traditional, leading edge and bleeding edge technology makes for an exciting time to be in the mapping services business however it proves challenging for those seeking services. Challenging in the sense that confusing and often times misleading information is commonplace, most often by those offering limited technology & solutions. Furthermore most providers are hampered with limited data acquisition resources and therefore ineffective from a value perspective outside of the limited area they fly.

Spatial Intel, Inc. is unique in that we designed the company to specifically address these issues and it is not by coincidence that 100% of our projects have been successfully completed while offering significant cost savings to each and every client. What is it specifically that allows us the ability to provide the highest quality, fastest turn-around and best value on “Any project Anywhere”?

More than 80 platforms (fixed-wing, helicopter, drone & vehicle) strategically positioned throughout the U.S. offering a local presence and knowledge on any project area. (International acquisition network as well.)

Aircraft equipped with every pertinent technology allowing us to customize the sensor(s) configuration and aerial platform to effectively meet the specific needs of the project. Small, med, large image formats, multi-pulse, MPIA, Wave-Form LiDAR, more….

Technical staff exceeds 17-years of industry experience and works individually with each client to provide education, assistance with specification development and project management throughout.

Production group equipped with sensor centric processing workflows resulting in improved quality at a lower cost.

Through a single contact at Spatial Intel, we provide answers and solutions to the following challenges and more:

What technology is right for my project and why (short term and long term)

What level of accuracy do I require, how is it defined and validated

What level of detail or resolution do I require to accomplish my goals

What affects cost and how can I minimize it without jeopardizing data quality

How do I develop a detailed specification that will result in exactly what I need for the best price

What recourse do I have if something goes wrong with my project

What software should I be using to view, edit, manipulate, manage my data

How do I keep current on technology

How can I effectively balance data quality and file size

What is the proper deliverable and file format to ensure internal compatibility

What else makes Spatial Intel the best solution for your next project?

SI represents your interests from a mapping perspective saving you time to focus on your core competency

We are the single point of contact and 100% responsible for your project

We mitigate problems up front through a concise specification, the right technology and clear communication with our clients

We create a contingency plan up front should back up resources be necessary

Your data receives an independent QC prior to all deliveries

We are equally as effective responding to prepared requests for proposal or those we assist in developing

To obtain a proposal please provide your project requirements via the MapQuotes link above, send by email to info@spatialintel.com, or call us at 303-886-1525.

We greatly appreciate your time spent considering our services. We look forward to going to work for you.

Larry Schaner, President – Spatialintel Incorporated.