Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What makes Spatial Intel different from all other services providers in the Geospatial industry?
Answer: The interests of Spatial Intel are the same as those of our clients. Our goal is to provide the best quality, schedule and price on the services we offer. Our unique business model has allowed us to meet that goal on every project completed since inception.
Question: To what do you attribute your 100% customer retention rate?
Answer: Communication and results. We understand technology, solutions and how to apply it. Our ability to communicate the pros and cons of each to our customers (without bias) is comforting to the client. In the end, it is really the client who chooses the solution after having all the answers in hand. Our clients also save considerable time and effort and have piece of mind knowing their interests are professionally represented through a single phone call. The results of our projects speak for themselves.
Question: How does the process work?
Answer: One of two ways. We can assist your efforts to define the requirements, or we can response to your previously prepared requirements. If you prefer, you can convey the details of your project by completing the MapQuotes form or email your existing requirements to Once understood and agreed upon we solicit qualified technology and the qualified team and respond with a concise proposal for your consideration. A custom tailored solution every time. We handle the project from here and deliver a compliant solution to your desktop.
Question: What distinct advantages does Spatial Intel’s business model offer the end user/client?
Answer: Having access to every available technology, service and specialized provider in the industry enables Spatial Intel the ability to offer the “best” solution resulting in the best quality and secondly, the most effective solution always results in the best schedule and price. We remain current on emerging technology so you don’t have to, and add it to our tool box of offerings when we decide it is proven and applicable.
Question: I obtained 3 independent bids for my project. All appear to meet my requirements regardless of approach, so how do I know which offers the best value and assures me I will receive what I need?
Answer: All responses may sound like the right solution, which in most cases results in the lowest bid being chosen. (Each vendor by the way will propose there in-house solution, and will affectively convey how it will solve your needs.) The ability to understand the language used and the confusing and often contradictory vendor messages make it difficult for a non-industry expert to understand the differences. Herein lies the challenge Spatial Intel is structured and qualified to address for you.
Question: How do your views on the industry and technology differ from those of the many geospatial services providers and organizations?
Answer: We have proven that the services provided in our industry (in most cases) can be commoditized and competitively bid. We do not disagree that many of the services provided are complex, but we will defend that a detailed scope of work (created by experienced industry experts working directly with our clients to understand the real needs) demands consistency in the solicited responses derived through bidding. We then understand how to interpret responses, gain clarity where necessary and ensure compliance with the skills to choose the best value. The average user is generally not equipped to discern the subtle details. We are!
Question: Isn’t the end user contacting the same potential providers used by Spatial Intel, and getting the same response?
Answer: Possibly but not likely. The industry has gone from a handful of full service providers to literally hundreds of lower overhead specialty company’s. (Did you know there are more than 45 LiDAR companies in US and Canada operating 75 plus sensors and 12 differing types? GIS, aerial photogrammetry and other are in the hundreds of company’s.) These companies in many cases are driving technology and focused on a single project type and condition. They generally lack sales or marketing departments and reach out to SI and seek to earn our business. (We accept no retainer or other fees to promote or use anyone’s technology or service.) These firms are started by the technology leads of the larger firms that have mastered their discipline. We do involve the larger firms when it benefits our client. If we happen to contact the same company for services, our ability to convey a detailed scope that requires no contingency fee, no cost of sales to the supplier, we contract considerably more volume than the average user, we can combine projects and share mobilization costs, etc.
Question: How does Spatial Intel get paid?
Answer: We add a fee to the cost of the services to cover negotiation of the contract, project management and independent data QC. Our results of 30% average cost savings to the client is inclusive of our fees.
Question: What are the qualifications of Spatial Intel?
Answer: We have held most positions in the geospatial services industry (from technician, to GM and ownership) for more 25 years, hold formal degrees in the important skill sets and understand the business as both a buyer, seller and provider of services. We understand the challenges our clients face in seeking service providers and we are structured to solve that problem.