Statewide airborne LiDAR
Project location: State of Michigan & Michigan State University
Project size: Statewide
Services/products: Subject matter expert – LiDAR (specification & vendor recommendation)

A Midwestern state has been successful in procuring multispectral imagery at varying resolutions over the years and looked to refresh the coverage in 2013. Discussions began at the county level to include the option for capture and processing of airborne LiDAR data as an option.

Phase I. Spatial Intel was contacted to sign-on as a subject matter expert and assist the local University (working on behalf of the state) in creation of a LiDAR specification and scope of work to be sent to a prequalified list of aerial vendors. We provided oversight in the creation of the request which was proposed on by a number of the industry’s top remote sensing specialists from all over the country. All submittals had demonstrated experience performing the requested services and were capable of meeting the specification as written.

Phase II. Spatial Intel was then retained by the state directly to help answer and ask questions pertinent to determine which of the vendor proposals demonstrated the greatest value to the state and local constituents. That process was efficiently handled through a number of teleconferences and written correspondence leading to selection of the “best-value” solution/vendor. Image and LiDAR data capture will take place in 2013.

Continuation: Spatial Intel has been asked to continue our role as LiDAR subject matter expert by holding a number of educational seminars for the state and participating local agencies seeking to further understand the technology and resulting data products and uses.

Discussions will include an explanation and workings of the technology, terminology, resulting products, available software solutions to assist with internal viewing, processing and dissemination of data internal and external and more.