Oil & Gas Exploration
International – Eastern Europe
Project location: Eastern Europe
Project size: 8,000 sq. miles
Services/products: DTM acquisition 4-band (RGB/IR) ortho-rectified imagery

A US based client of Spatial Intel was investigating remotely sensed ortho-rectified imagery for a rather large Oil Concession in Eastern Europe totaling 20,500 sq. km.

Initial plans were to task satellite data capture assuming it would be the easiest and more economical route. A proposal to use satellite was deemed disappointing in terms of low resolution, minimal accuracy, cloud cover, and nearly a 1-year proposed delivery schedule. Knowing our ability to acquire data anywhere, we were asked what we could offer in terms of resolution, accuracy, schedule and cost. Through our world-wide network of data acquisition experts and access to existing “off-the-shelf” data sources, Spatial Intel proposed a state of the art direct digital large format sensor (Zeiss DMC) and twin engine (stable) aircraft specifically engineered to collect co-registered 4-band imagery.

Through use of the right technology we were able to offer higher resolution data, better accuracy, one third the delivery time at a much better cost. We provided 40 cm 4-band ground sample distance ortho’s with better than +/- 3 foot horizontal accuracy within 3-months of data capture – in lieu of 1-year for satellite. (Cloud free!)

The program remains in the exploration phase and if the concession goes to production, Spatial Intel has been notified we will re-map the area and ensure the new data overlays right on top of the previous.