Mining – Environmental
Remedial Design and Remedial Action (Aerial Photogrammetry and Survey)

Spatial Intel was approached by an Environmental Company serving as the Supervising Contractor for the Remedial Design and Remedial Action under a Consent Decree with the U.S. Department of Justice for a designated Superfund site located in the states of Kansas and Missouri. The program goals included the needs to understand the proximity, location, volume and area of numerous spoil piles (and in relation to inhabited areas) randomly located throughout six non-contiguous sites. It was also necessary to understand the type and location of manmade and cultural features adjacent to the material of interest.

The client was knowledgeable of remote sensing technology but required assistance in creating a requirements document addressing the necessary products, services, accuracy and compliant formatting of the remotely sensed data required to accomplish the goals. Spatial Intel was asked to prepare a specification describing the services and guidelines required. We assessed the needs and determined the following would be required:

Aerial photography (color) to support generation of orthorectified imagery at sufficient resolution to properly identify, classify and measure the desired features.

Digital Terrain Model (DTM) inclusive of break lines to support accurate volume calculations and modeling of hydrographic patterns.

Generation of 2-foot vector contours.

Compilation of planimetric features in 3-D to allow modeling and analysis.

A specification document was prepared by Spatial Intel (at no cost to the client) and issued to three service firms (by the client) on which to prepare a response inclusive of approach, cost and schedule. The three proposals included different approaches (LiDAR and photogrammetry) to arrive at the specification and Spatial Intel was awarded the work at a cost savings to the client. We completed the project using a photogrammetric approach inclusive of Airborne GPS and supplemental ground survey control (contracted to a local survey firm knowledgeable of the area) to minimize required access and improve and validate data accuracy.

All work was delivered according to specification, on time and at a 15% cost savings to the client over the next lowest bidder.

Environmental – Mine Site Mapping
Project Location: Midnite Mine – Washington State
Project size: 6 sq miles (mine site and borrow area)
Product / services: Consulting, survey control, LiDAR, aerial photography, plan / contours

To support remedial investigation as part of an Environmental Impact Study (EIS) is was necessary to generate accurate surface topography, planimatric base mapping followed by bathymetric surveys to support a precise “as-is” condition assessment. To support that effort Spatial Intel was contracted to provide:

Targeted Ground Control and GPS survey

High Resolution Natural Color Aerial Photography with ABGPS and IMU

Image Scanning and Digital Aerial Triangulation (DAT)

Digital Elevation Model (DEM) and 2 ft Contour Development

Digital Orthophoto Creation

Planimetric digitizing of select features

2’ contour generation, editing and labeling. (Merged with bathymetric data)

Spatial Intel incorporated helicopter based LiDAR and imagery to ensure high-resolution and precision would result. We coordinated with the local mine operator for access and coordination with the current “on-site” project coordinate system and datum so that current and historical data would merge seamlessly. We delivered data for use in both ESRI/GIS and .DXF for CADD.