Company: SWCA
Projects: Arizona Natural Gas Pipeline as-built
Services: Aerial imagery, LiDAR – DEM and orthophotography for 60+ mile as-built
Date completed: Delivered 10/15

Company: NV5 / Tetra-Tech
Projects: Weld County, CO Water line
Services: Aerial imagery, DEM and orthophotography for 18-miles
Date completed: Delivered Feb 2015

Company: Hatch Mott MacDonald
Projects: Leach Xpress / Longhorn
Services: Aerial imagery, LiDAR & plan mapping for 194 miles
Date completed: April 2015

Company: Encompass Energy / Enterprise Products
Projects: 1,711 miles of pipeline in LA, TX, CO, WY – HCA compliance
Services: Aerial imagery and 50cm color ortho-photography
Date completed: March 2015

Company: Kinder Morgan
Projects: Sierrita, AZ Pipeline
Services: Aerial imagery, LiDAR, plan mapping & consulting 60+ miles
Date completed: March 2015

Company: Enterprise Products
Projects: TX, NM, LA, CO, WY – 10,300 miles DOT Class location Mapping
Services: Aerial imagery, DEM and 30cm color ortho-photography
Date Completed: In progress

Project location: Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Tennessee & Louisiana
Project size: 105 miles of 12”, 170 miles of 10” & 25 miles of 6” (300 total miles)
Project services: Survey, aerial photography, LiDAR & consulting

El Paso Corporation hired an independent project management consulting firm to solicit proposals for aerial mapping, ironically issuing the specification and work scope documents created by Spatial Intel as a previous consultant to El Paso.

They solicited 3 companies possessing the capabilities and interest in performing the work. Spatial Intel was selected by the consulting firm based on qualifications and the lowest cost. Time was limited and we quickly accessed our extensive network of acquisition firms to identify the most qualified and available to perform the aerial capture. We set control on public rights-of-way to avoid land owner permissions and captured the imagery prior to snowfall.

Processing included 6” ortho-rectified aerial imagery, 300-foot wide DEM (for PI locates and route centerline profiles) and digitizing of planimetric features including vegetation, roads, poles, signs, bridges, culverts, fences / gates, buildings, wetlands (other water / streams) and more. (This drastically reduced the field timeline and cost while improving safety through less field and windshield time.)

Estimated savings using LiDAR to supplement ground survey is more than 100k per line mile.

Pipeline route surveys (Airborne LiDAR)

Spatial Intel provided a total of 90-miles of natural gas transmission reroute surveys involving the use of airborne LiDAR technology across two states with a deadline for delivery of all data just 24 days out. We accepted the challenge, provided a proposal for services compliant with the specifications, identified the right technology, negotiated the scope and cost and delivered the data meeting the specifications ahead of schedule. (First deliveries were made in just over 2-weeks from notice to proceed.) We were able to save the client 43% on cost over traditional survey methods. Other supporting services coordinated and facing Spatial Intel involved all subcontracted personnel to be educated and compliant with client safety protocols, coordination with client survey crews located in multiple states in the field and work through last minute re-routes and fall back options while on-site and on the projects. Spatial Intel performed an independent QC where a data issue was discovered and presented cause for rejection. The data was re-processed and corrected prior to delivery to our client.

For this effort and other quality services provided by Spatial Intel we were informed that our services would be retained for up to 5-years.

El Paso Corporation (km)
Creation of standards and specifications (LiDAR and digital orthophotography)

To facilitate further use and implementation of LiDAR and digital orthophotography for route selection, integrity and compliance, it was important to create a standardized specification. Spatial Intel would prepare the document in sufficient detail to support the clients desire to issue the documents to a number of qualified services providers, ensure consistency (in the received bids and deliverables) and foster a competitive bidding situation to make selecting the “best-value” proposal easy. The documents are easily modifiable to accommodate varying project locations, scopes and conditions and include specifics as to required point density, proper horizontal reference and vertical datum, accuracy, validation parameters, reporting procedures, formatting, tiling and compliance assessments. These documents are now accepted as the “standard” to be used on all bids for remote sensing services going forward.

Contractor / project Mitigation services (LiDAR and Digital Imagery)

The deadline for federal filings on route selection and final alignment drawings for a 670 mile natural gas transmission line and supporting facilities was rapidly approaching. Traditional ground survey methodology may have jeopardized the schedule which prompted the decision to utilize airborne LiDAR and direct digital imagery to support creation of the required alignment and site drawings. Being new to the use and implementation of these technologies prompted the client to seek assistance from Spatial Intel and act on their behalf between the remote sensing contractor and client representatives. Other services provided by Spatial Intel included assisting with development of the final data specifications, ensuring data compliance and addressing any issues that arose to ensure the project schedule was maintained. Our knowledge of the industry, technology and negotiation skills enabled us to reverse a sliding delivery date and meet the federal filing deadlines. (Proper formatting, file size and data compliance were also supported.) The use of LiDAR and digital orthophotography were deemed successful and considered acceptable technology and solutions for future projects with similar requirements.