Partner Testimonials:


“To whom it may concern:

Having worked with Larry Schaner of Spatial Intel on a number of projects I have come to rely on his technical expertise and motivation to serve the needs of the customer. Never have I doubted his ability to craft a proper solution and deliver the best quality product on schedule and on budget. In addition I have found Larry and his team to be a pleasure to work with and will certainly do so again without hesitation.” David Ward

Northern Regional Manager, Intermap Technologies

“Dear Mr. Schaner:

Thank you once again for your professional assistance and production of a digital terrain model (DTM), contours, planimetrics and orthophoto images for the Jasper County, Missouri Superfund Site that I am the Supervising Contractor for the Remedial Design and Remedial Action under a Consent Decree with the U.S. Department of Justice. You guided me and or remedial contractor through the development of a requirements document (at no cost to my client) and supported my client’s requirement to obtain three independent quotations. Spatial Intel responded with the best price and schedule and followed up by delivering a very high quality product. The topography and orthophoto images were of excellent quality and detail and have been extremely useful in designing the remedial actions at the 26 parcels that my client has at the Jasper County Superfund Site.

The advice and expertise that Environmental Management Services Company (EMS) gleaned from your company combined with the quality of services has greatly assisted me with providing quality products and services to my client and has given my firm a distinct advantage over other firms competing for the same work. EMS, and my client, understands the value received and we greatly appreciate your professionalism and look forward to working with Saptial Intel on our next project.

Thank you again for your great work.” Gary D. Uphoff

President, Environmental Management Services (EMS)


“In the 15+ years that POWER Engineers has been heavily engrossed in LiDAR-based survey work and aerial imagery for projects, the technologies have evolved constantly and considerably. Larry has been around our staff all that time and is our go-to consultant for LiDAR, aerial photography and related matters because his business is to stay on top of the changes and to design the right programs for us. Through collaboration, we experienced a seamless adjustment to these challenges and received the products as needed causing us no delays or quality degradation. That was Larry’s doing.” Peter Catchpole

Sr. Project Manager, POWER Engineers

“Spatial Intel continues providing us quality consulting and services as we begin utilizing laser scanning technology.” John P. Horne, LS.

Supervisor - Survey Inspection, El Paso Corp.

Wintermoon Geotechnologies, Inc.

“Spatial Intel provided timely and highly expert advice for us on two projects in South America. Thanks to their careful review of the contract specifications we were able to modify the instrumentation to meet our survey accuracy requirements. Spatial Intel’s staff is not only very knowledgeable, but they are also excellent communicators and they make sure that we understand the parameters of the survey and expected quality.” Michal Ellen Ruder, Ph.D.

President, Wintermoon Geotechnologies, Inc.

First and foremost I must express my sincere gratitude for the professional and expeditious manner in which you responded to my project’s needs and demanding schedule. I truly understand why you and your company is my client’s “Guy for that” (LiDAR surveying). The responsiveness and quality of delivery provided solid support for your reputation and furthered the confidence of the results you delivered. And when delivered you presented clear and concise results and worked with me and my EPC contractor as we incorporated the results into the project.

And as a result of the excellent service provided, I now “Have a guy for that” and will promote your work and have you listed as the first to call for any future aerial survey work.

With best regards, David Weimer

Owner's Engineer, Gulf LNG Liquefaction Project, MMI

“Spatial Intel assisted us in scoping our mapping requirements on which we solicited and received three independent proposals. Spatial Intel performed the work, saved us money and delivered a great product on time. The accuracy and level of detail exceeded our expectations.

Spatial Intel provided a valuable service in a proficient and professional manner. We enthusiastically recommended Spatial Intel for scoping and completing projects involving aerial photography, photogrammetric contour mapping, orthophoto production and control surveys.

Thank you Spatial Intel for a job well done!” Greg Rainwater, P.G.

Entact Environmental Services


“Larry Schaner and his team at Spatial Intel, Inc. are skilled professionals with exceptional capabilities in both technical proficiency and business acumen. Their comprehensive knowledge and understanding of existing as well as emerging geospatial technologies and their applications is truly unique to the industry and a rare find. At the same time Larry is unassuming in his willingness to share his expertise and takes the approach that if the client finds value in his message and capabilities, the work will follow.

Larry is also distinct in that he is genuinely interested in satisfying the needs of his clients by focusing on solutions rather than pushing a particular service or technology. While he carefully considers their perceived requirements, Larry is aware of and competent in suggesting and applying more suitable alternatives when appropriate.

Larry is a pivotal figure in the industry and a valuable commodity / resource to those who have the opportunity to know and do business with him and his company.” TII - President